Friday, September 30, 2011

All Grown Up

Homecoming was this past weekend.... I have always loved Homecoming - probably because it and all of its activities take place in my absolute favorite time of year, Fall!!

Our Homecoming was early this year..much earlier than I ever remember it being. It rained so long and so hard the day of the football game (actually for days prior too) I thought I was going to need an ark to get home. Put a damper on the pun intended. The day of the dance, the sun finally came out!

I was so happy that my daughter wouldn't be a soggy mess going to the dance, and I am pretty sure that she was happy too! I still can't get over how grown up and BEAUTIFUL she has become!

I love this picture of her and her Dad. We feel it best for him to start wearing his uniform 24/ know, keep the boys away ....
I also fell in love with the way her hair turned out...I took so many pictures of it. She has the most beautiful hair to start with, but the side french braid into a bun looked gorgeous on her!

My baby is growing up...I must have cried 10 times that day just looking at how beautiful she is - INSIDE and OUT!

PS: on a Lily note....Lily is adjusting so much better to school. We still have a "moment" here or there, but they are becoming less frequent. I am so glad she is starting to enjoy herself more!!

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