Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good BYE Irene

I know traditionally the saying is "Goodnight Irene" but this week - after the lovely Hurricane Irene was here to visit...it is a big FAT GOOD BYE!!!

She wasn't too horrible to us...mostly wind damage and power outages. We did a lot of "House Camping"...not the most fun end of the summer but we made the best of it!

I am very happy to have our power fully restored - and some nice yummy food in the refrigerator! I did hear a tiny rumor that there is another hurricane brewing, but I am pretending to not hear it...

The morning after the hurricane we headed down to my grandfathers. He is only 5 miles away from us and right on the tip of a little peninsula....needless to say he didn't have any power and there was a tiny bit of flooding in his basement. We made it a family affair!

After a mile long walk to his house...we couldn't get anywhere closer because of downed trees and branches...and power lines!! It was kind of scary....we did our chores and then the kids took off to collect bottles and whatever else they could pull from the creek bed while the tide was so far out.

They really had a great time and found a really cool collection of bottles. They even came across a snake...NOBODY was very happy about that! They all scattered...including my husband! lol...

 If you notice, Lily has her ears covered the entire time we were there because of the wind. She is so sensitive to the "noise" the wind makes.
This is ONE of the trees that prevented our ability to drive down the road. I felt horrible for the people who live in this house...they were very lucky to have had no injury to themselves. This tree was HUGE!!!

And here is our oldest standing on a HUGE tree...one of 6 that fell like dominoes in our back yard. I personally did not take or condone this picture....in fact I freaked out when I saw her up there and started screaming like a maniac for her to get down.....they all thought I was crazy! ...I am, but that is besides the point!!

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