Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Offerings ~ Part 2

Sometimes Blessings come in different packages...sometimes the blessings are not always wrapped in ribbons and pretty shiny papers.
This place is a blessing I never thought I would have to be Thankful for! Ronald McDonald houses offer a comfortable environment for those who are going through a very uncomfortable time. Our family has been fortunate enough to stay in one of their facilities....I say "fortunate" because they are sadly, always packed and difficult to get into, but without the Ronald McDonald house our family would have been separated for an extended period of time when we REALLY needed to be together.
I FIRMLY believe in this charity and always throw some extra change their way. You would be amazed how even a little bit of money can make a difference!

If you are feeling so inclined, please show some love and support to this wonderful charity!

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