Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks - Silver Bella Edition

I am a little behind on my Thank You's from Silver Bella and since I am offering a bit of Thanks every day this week....I thought I would include these wonderful women in my gratitude!!

I would LOVE to show you all the pictures that I have Big camera wont connect to the I used my little camera! Well... *somehow* my little camera got glued to the table....check back on Friday and you'll understand why! So I turned to my phone...took all the pictures AGAIN and the darn thing ATE the pictures! I can't find them ANYWHERE!!

Since, I am just so thankful for the Women and all the cute little things they gifted to me, I am going on with the post anyway! Here goes...

To my two lovely travel partners...
Pam ~ You have truly inspired me in many ways...many ways...
Sue ~ Thank you for taking me under your wing! It was a warm and cozy wing indeed!!

To my beautiful and gracious roommates....
Jen ~ thank you for all the wonderful little goodies you gave me ~ and thank you for not letting me put those cute little "lip glosses" on my lips! They are for painting, really??

Kathi ~ thank you for the lovely necklace! I have worn it several times so far...really appreciate it!

Terri! ~ Oh I LOVE my cute little hat! I might even where it on Thanksgiving??? Just never know....and the goodies that were included with the fabulous hat....THANK YOU! I am a lover of Bingo cards and hankies!! Thank you for your help with the swap as well!

Kana ~ thank you for the box of was DELICIOUS..thank goodness I was able to have a few pieces before my kids ate EVERY last bit!!
Kana and I on Vendor from her blog

Kim ~ Thank you for the lovely soap...I love lavender!! MMMM....thank you!

Shawn ~ Thank you for the yummy lavender sachet!

Jill G. ~ Thank you for the adorable milk container filled with chocolate! That was ADORABLE!! It will take a place in the holiday decor!

To my Swap partner Jill.....NO WORDS...JUST NO WORDS to express my incredible gratitude for my beautiful box filled with amazing goodies!! It literally brought tears to my eyes!
To my swap partner Susan ~ Thank you for the adorable vintage bag and tussy and all the other goodies!! So many to play with - thank you!

Michelle ~ Thank you for letting us have a sneak peak at your vendor goodies...I love you for that! :) cute little key is still in my change pouch!

Suz ~ thank you for the little trinket you passed on to me in our Tea Cup Fairy Class

HOPE~thank you for getting me through our soldering class....I really couldn't have made it without you...literally...I enjoyed all our conversations and look forward to spending time with you again!

Jennifer ~ Thank you for my trinket in our Gilded Fairy Class!

JULIE B. ~ The Chocolate....MMMMMM....the chocolate! So yummy!!! Thank you for everything, I LOVED spending time with you!

Swiped this picture of Julie and Jennifer and I from Michelle's blog...thank you!

Roxie & Robin ~ Thanks for the laughs!!!

And to all the other Silver Bella Ladies....Thank you for making my first year a wonderful year! If you didn't see your name here ~ it doesn't mean I didn't LOVE YA!!

I did a little photo swiping to show you some of these glad SOMEONE has pictures!


  1. Great pics! It was a wonderful time, wasn't it?

    I am still on a glitter high!


  2. heather -
    it was so
    great getting
    to meet you
    and visit with
    you, even if
    it was too
    brief! looking
    forward to next
    year! blessings
    and happy day
    to you!

  3. Where are your felting creations! I want to see what the bug has done to you! :) Your blog is darling.

  4. heather,

    so great to meet you at sb!! i loved your funny stories!!!