Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome Distractions & Breaking the Rules..

This past weekend and early part of this week held a very exciting distraction for me! For all of us really....

Breeanna's All Star team made it all the way to States! It was such an amazing experience for these girls...we broke the rules a bit and let her play even though her hand was still in the healing process. Just and "eggshell" of new bone growth over the break as we were told....I left it up to her, and in true spirit of her mother she said "I am fine...I can play!!"..

She did AWESOME when she played, the coach was very reserved with her playtime because of her hand, but she did AWESOME every time she took the field.
Pop Fly' competition for her!
Line competition for her skill!!!
As you can tell - I am a very PROUD mama!!
She bat for the first time in 5 weeks and had an amazing double and then also had a line drive to first...she was OUT on that one...oh well! was NOT Allowed!! But I promise she wore it right after she got off the field!! Now if I could just get her to sit up straight!

Our Trip also gave me the chance to have a little fun and decorate some new shoes for Lily...and make FUN hair bows!!!
She wouldn't put the bows in....she would rather have had her hair in her face in the 103 degree temp! Yes, I said 103...they played in the blazing sun! They would have had to call the game when it got to 105....Seriously people! 105!!!
The weekend also held a few other welcome distractions like Treasure Hunting in this UNBELIEVABLE antique store! By far he had the most incredible collection of china and pottery I have ever seen! Crazy.... Hayden and Lily were with me and they loved it! Both found treasures to bring home! However, Lily has expensive taste...I am going to have to work on that a bit. The man who owned had this shop for 49 years....can you believe that????

And this Beautiful can't tell as much in this picture but there were clouds floating so close to was really quite beautiful. Made me have lots of inspirational thoughts....

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