Thursday, April 22, 2010

Picnic's and Quirky Genetics

Baseball season is here and that means picnics! Lot's of Picnics!!

Lunch Picnics

Dinner Picnics

and Lily's Favorite of them all.....

Car Picnics!

Lily can't get enough of a picnic. She plans them all the time. She wanted to have a "Cricut" picnic with her grandmother "Queenie" yesterday. Her ideal day was to have a picnic on the craft room floor (which is not food or drink in there...except Red wine) and make Cinderella's on the Cricut. It was all she could talk about from the time we finished up our picnic at the Farm until the next day when she could have it.

I love that girl!

Let's talk about Quirky Genetics...I have this little "trait" with my shoes. No matter where I take them off - what type of shoes they are - how fast or how slow...

They always end up like this.... must be genetic because look at this....

Hayden....he is all mine!

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