Saturday, April 10, 2010

Date with The Senator

I went on a date last night with a very handsome and charming Senator....

We used to call him The Brain, now we call him The Senator....if you ever met him you would understand...

We ate Mexican food, went to the Bookstore and of course Target...what date is complete without those three??

We went to The Lego store where I took note of grown men still building Lego sets....lets just say they weren't the Athletic type.

We bought cool Vans, similar to the ones I had at his age....shocker to the Senator that his Mom had anything cool..
Fun times.....The only bad thing...NO P.D.A. Public display of Affection when your 12 from your mom..not happening. This is hard for the Mom to remember. OOOPS!

I got a few treats too..pretty magazines and a "bargain" priced book of blank sheet music. I have all sorts of ideas for it.

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