Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Motivated for 2012

Even though I have been living by Pooh's motto of
"I am short and fat and proud of that..."
...it is time for some changes!

Every year in January people decided that they are going to either "lose weight", "eat healthier", or exercise more"....I am one of them!

I have done it before...lost 50+ pounds in 2007-2008.. Took 1 year, lots of hard work and major discipline, but I did it!!! I was so happy, felt so strong and knew I was healthy. Since we closed our shop in August of 2010 I have gained 25 pounds...that is half of what I lost! I am very disappointed in myself! I can't think of one single meal or one single glass of wine that was worth that weight gain! None of it tasted as good as the feeling I had when I passed my goal weight so long ago. Well....one meal might have been worth it....authentic Carne Asada with my BFF in CA. Authentic...seriously!

I have once again mastered the art of NOT looking at myself in any mirror. I can even blow my hair dry without really "looking"...I hate my fat arms!

My cute clothes don't fit as comfortable as they once did...and I am NOT buying larger sizes. NO WAY

AND! I found myself out of breath after walking up the stairs to the Dr's office the other day! RIDICULOUS!!!

So!!! Today is the 3rd or January - it is the coldest day of the winter so far - and I am starting my journey again!


Plus...the stomach flu helped to give me that jump start!

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  1. I hope you are feeling better!!

    That bowl of oatmeal is looking SO yummy!