Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting Crafty

I have been having so much fun creating Crafty Valentines Decor! Margie's Ecourse really helped to jump start this! She had some great ideas - just fun stuff that got me motivated! Here are a few things that I did....


I also made about a dozen different garlands and just realized that I don't have any pictures of them! I'll snap one tomorrow and post it! 

I also decided to host a Craft Night at my house. I have always talked about doing it with a group, but usually only do a one on one thing.

I gathered all my supplies, purchased enough of a few things for everyone. It was so much fun to gather all my goodies! I loved pulling all the colors out and grouping them for Valentines Day. It inspired me to start doing this more often...for other holidays, to keep my creative energy going.
I love to be inspired! 
Who doesn't??
This little bird in a nest was inspired by a swap I participated in last year. 
I received so many pretty little birds! I have been keeping them up all year long, just keep updating them with the holiday decor.

I made this Banner using chipboard and some Valentines paper. Threw a few little extras on and there ya go!

I hope that some of my pictures have inspired you to go get crafty!

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