Thursday, April 14, 2011

A few new creations

Wanted to show a few things I have made recently...

 Rosary style necklace with a resin covered picture

I had so much resin left over so I threw together this collage pendant really fast...I love it!!

This is a cuff made from a old piece of lace. I saw the idea on etsy and tried it out. It is going to look super cute with this trim that I bought recently to add to a shirt!

I have also been working on more Soldering pieces. I am trying to perfect my skills....although in the words of Sally Jean...I just might need to "embrace the imperfections".

This is a little "technique" I tried...I like the dimension that it adds...This piece I actually sold...excited!


  1. Everything is just lovely, Heather!

  2. Great work, friend. Sad to know we won't be meeting in Omaha again this year. I wasn't going to be able to go but now that it is cancelled, it's officially sad! Lynn and I are hosting a swap. We would love for you to join if you can!

  3. So happy you have joined the swap! We have ALOT more spaces! Please pass the word if you can! xoxo, Karla

  4. Hey girl! I recognize some of those mini gears! Great use for them. Looks like you've had a little more time to "play" than I have lately. Your soldering is awesome too. Julie

  5. Gosh, Heather. Those are some really nice resin and soldering pieces. You have come really close to perfecting what we learned from Sally Jean. I haven't even picked up my soldering tool since then but I have done a ton of resin,

    I just LOVE the collage. That is really extremely cool!