Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Morning dues...and Insta Recap

I feel like some Monday mornings I have to pay the dues of a great weekend! There is always laundry that needs to be done and "stuff" that needs to be coordinated...and in this house, NOBODY likes to wake up! lol...

Today was no exception to that theory! I think the Spring forward from the weekend added to the morning dilemmas! Anyhoo....

Quick Insta Recap!
Baseball season has of course we have a broken bone on a kid and now he is sporting a lovely new Carolina blue cast!
My kids made fun of me for looking so "rough" one day when we were "supposed" to be having a Snow storm....I was taking advantage of the 'no need to leave the house' . Since they were so troubled, I decided it best to post it on the Internet and tag them in it....

Next day, I needed a touch of Spring so I wore this lovely little necklace that I bought in the cutest boutique in Ellicott City!

Hmmm...I am starting to notice a pattern here...
I was sporting this cute bow and Anchor earrings because the earrings are part of my spring collection coming to my website in just a few days!

And this...well this is one of my infamous Spinach smoothies...NOT at all what I used to put in my Red Solo cups! Yummy!

Saturday Morning...Scrimmage...Sibling Love!!
Both my "big" kids have made the High School teams, very exciting of course!
This was their very first scrimmage!

HaPPY Monday!!
I have a super cute Tute for you tomorrow!!! Check back!

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