Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Game Day

Today was the first game for the Southern JV Softball team....My girl, starting Shortstop! I talk so much about my little Lily because she is "my" girl...but my first girl, the most beautiful blonde, blue eyed girl that I was blessed to bring to this earth....she is the athlete. She is the talent that makes you sick because it comes with so much ease.....she is her Daddy's girl. HIS talent, his ease....I won't lie...I am jealous some times that she doesn't like glitter as much as I do...

BUT, she is AWESOME....she is UN-BELIEVABLE!!!
This is the face of an AWESOME - SUPER excited girl!!!!

Love her!!! So excited to see her playing in the first game of her high school "career" many days and games to come!! The best is yet to come!!!

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