Sunday, May 30, 2010


Lily's BAD hair day about 2 years ago....

It is 6:24 on a Sunday morning and I have been awake for 2 hours...people ask me all the time why I don't go to bed earlier, this is why! Because then I wake up and CAN'T FALL BACK TO SLEEP!

I laid there and thought...."just stay in bed until 5..." because that is when I get my best sleep - from 5am-7am, regardless of the day, week, month or year...that is the soundest sleep for me. I was going to sleep in today, guess NOT....laid there a bit longer....nothing!

Then I realized I was HOT! I don't know if it is the stress, the steroids/antibiotics for my never ending sinus infection or the wine I had on the back porch last night with my mother but I woke up with a MAJOR hot flash! Wandered the house looking for the coolest spot...couldn't sleep in my room because there was a huge snoring husband and a child taking up my spot....then tracked down a fan in one of the kids rooms to haul into another kids room for me to try and get back to sleep....didn't work.

...then thought "I should make some coffee and get started on cleaning" but then remembered that I didn't want to go downstairs and wake the dogs....

...then I thought "I will go for a walk down to the water and watch the sunrise"....then remembered that I would have to put not only a sock but a hard tennis shoe over my toe nail that I busted in half last weekend when I walked into our sliding glass door...ouch.

..then I thought "I will write out all my thoughts on my blog and get everything out of my head space and then I will be able to relax and maybe fall back to sleep"....then I thought "nobody wants to read your stressed out ramblings..." then I remembered if they don't want to read interpersonal thoughts - they shouldn't read

..then I thought "how am I going to get my house clean, cook dinner for my grandfather, get some appetizers ready for friends that are coming over tonight all before going to work???" ..NO answer for that one yet!

...then I thought about Breeanna's travel team and how I am not sure if that was the right decision for her.

...then I thought about how nobody really ate dinner last night we just all grazed and ate "whatever" and how much I don't like that, but everyone was happy and I do like that.

...then I thought about work......and then I thought - "STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT RIGHT'll never fall back to sleep".

...then I had all sorts of personal thoughts about our family and the mixed bag of ups and downs we have been going through lately.

...then I decided that I should just get up and read some of my favorite blogs. Those always make me feel better!

...then I realized after reading for a bit that reading blogs wasn't helping!! I was just adding more to my thoughts! I started thinking about ALL the people lives out there in blog land that I read about. Backfire!

...then I started thinking about all projects that I have going on right now and all the projects that I want to start, right now, and then I just gave up and decided that I needed some coffee because it was too early to drink something stronger, and I need something to get through all of these thoughts!! I have also decided that I truly MUST have ADD!

Even though I still didn't want to wake the dogs I needed some coffee.....

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